Saturday 9 February 2019: an evening of contra and bal folk with live music.

EdinBal and Edinburgh Contra Dance have joined together to organise an evening of dancing. For the balk folk portion of the evening, we will enjoy tunes from Jo Veal and Andrew Swaine.

The event is open to all and there with be short intros to contra and bal folk for the benefit of people unfamiliar with either dance tradition (or anyone wanting to brush up). There will also be a break with snacks – feel free to bring something to share!

Event information:

What: Contra dance + bal
Where: Columcille Centre (2 Newbattle Terrace, Edinburgh, EH10 4RT)
When: Saturday 9 February from 7:15 pm
How much: £10-20 (pay what you can)




Tuesday 4 December 2018: a screening of Le Grand Bal and a bal with live music.

EdinBal, the French Film Festival UK and Summerhall have teamed up together to bring you the UK premiere of Le Grand Bal, a documentary about Le Grand Bal de l’Europe, a folk dance festival that takes place in the French countryside each year – and attracts thousands of dance enthusiasts from France and from different parts of Europe.

After the screening, you will have an opportunity to experience the music and the dancing through a continental-style ceilidh. Emily Bowden and Simon Dumpleton from Sheffield will play music ranging from exquisite, sensual mazurkas to joyful, driving bourrées.

Tickets: £12 (screening + ceilidh + food + wine) / £6 (ceilidh only). Buy your tickets in advance here!


Saturday 26th May 2018: Fest-Noz (Breton Ceilidh), part of Fête de la Bretagne 2018.


Advance tickets available:

Facebook event:

EdinBal is bringing Breton music and dancing back to Edinburgh with our third edition of the Fête de la Bretagne / Gouel Breizh!

This year is our biggest event to date, with 3 bands invited, resulting in 7 Breton musicians to make you dance at the event!
Duo Felder/Rohaut, comes from Brittany and is made of two of the most renowned fiddle players from Brittany: Thomas Felder (Kadja Trio, Vincendeau-Felder) and Youenn Rohaut (Kreiz Breizh Akademi, Nâtah Big Band). They play a wide repertoire of tunes from Brittany and due to their virtuosity and their energy on stage, they are highly demanded in Brittany and beyond!
Kafe Koefet is one of the most famous Breton bands from the Paris area! Formed of Fanch Peron on the accordion, Erwan Quintin on the fiddle and Cyril Guiguian on the guitar, they offer traditional Breton music with a folky sound.
We will also welcome the debut of a local Glaswegian Breton band.
We can’t wait to welcome these amazing musicians and share our excitement with you!

Expect the typical Breton line dances (gavotte, plinn, ridée, …) and a few couple dances. Dances are very easy to join, and the atmosphere will be very welcoming! A dance workshop will be organised from 5pm to 6.15pm to show you the basics so that you can fully enjoy the evening. Live music from 7.30pm to 11.30pm, finishing with an open session to complete the evening. There will also be Breton crepes, far and cidre, for a full dancing, musical, and gustative Breton experience.

Tickets: £11 (full price) / £9 (students, unemployed, 60+, 18-), free for children under 14

Sunday 29th April 2018: Catalan bal folk


Come celebrate International Dance Day with a great night of European social dancing featuring Ballaveu and EdinBal!

Coming all the way from Catalonia, Ballaveu (Patri Garcia & Xavier Rota) offer an evening filled with dancing, taking you through a wide range of styles and Catalan traditions to offer you a journey through such a varied land. Their beautiful vocal arrangements will get you dancing fom the start!

And afterwards, EdinBal musicians will close the night with more social dancing, so expect old favourite couple and group dances from the more general European repertoire. Contributions welcome!

A quick dance course is provided, so no prior knowledge or even partner are needed!

Tickets available online, at the Storytelling Centre or at the door: £11/£9

Note that on the Wednesday of the same week EdinBal will be offering a Catalan dance workshop (Scottish Storytelling Centre, 7-9pm) where some of the dances you will encounter on Saturday will be taught. Do come there to impress your partners on Sunday!

17 March 2018: Joint Contra-Bal with Edinburgh Contra

23rd September 2017: Euro Ceilidh and Bal Folk with Emily & The Simons.

20th May 2017: Fest-Noz (Breton Ceilidh), part of Fête de la Bretagne 2017.

29th April 2017: European Ceilidh with Philippe Plard, part of TradFest.

11th February 2016: European Ceilidh/Bal with Duo Pilartz/Gielen. Facebook event

21st May 2016 : Fest-Noz(Breton Ceilidh) with Le Bour/Bodros and Boulas/Rio. Facebook event

Part of Fête de la Bretagne / Gouel Breizh.

A selection of videos from the event can be found on EdinBal’s youtube channel.

30/04/2016: TradFest: French and Scottish Ceilidh with Benoit Guerbigny and Gillespie & Wolfe

01/03/2016: French Ceilidh/Bal folk with Les Zéoles

16/01/2016: French and Scottish Ceilidh/Bal Folk with Jo Veal & Andrew Swaine and Auld Alliance

13/12/2015: End of year and Christmas Bal Folk

03/10/2015: Italian/French dancing night with duo Furin-Baldan (bal folk) and the Badwills

13/06/2015: Fest-Noz (Breton Ceilidh) with Teir and Duo Bigot/Breton

04/06/2015: Balfolk Ceilidh with The Silly Endings (Belgium)

02/05/2015: Bal Folk and Ceilidh with Duo Shepherd/Gielen and Auld Alliance

28/03/2015: Scottish and French-style Ceilidh/Bal folk with Philippe Plard and Saxofolk

30/11/2014: Breton Dance Workshop

28/11/2014: Autumn Ceilidh and Bal, with Dancing Feet

30/09/2014: Le Grand Bal de l’Eid, with: Tristan Driessens & Isabelle de Spoelberch + Waar is Boris? + Auld Alliance!

10/05/2014: Grand Spring Bal Folk with Duo Besson/Rio, Dancing Feet and Auld Alliance