Bal folk is like a French/Western European version of a ceilidh, and is open to everybody. Informal and fun atmosphere guaranteed! You can simply come to listen to the great music, or move your body on the dance floor – there are basic steps for each of the dances, but these can be learnt very quickly during the bal, so a will to have some fun dancing on French folk music is everything which is required!

We invite professional musicians from Scotland and abroad to play for us at Bal Folk / Ceilidh every 3-4 months. Great music and friendly dancers, these events are lots of fun!
And in order for everybody to be ready and make the most of these events, we also hold regular dance workshops during which you will learn how to dance the main bal folk dances, as well as traditional dances from many European countries.

Edinbal Dance Workshops: An Introduction to European Folk Dancing

Fortnightly class at the Home of Scotland’s Culture!
Scottish Storytelling Centre, 43-45 High Street, EH1 1SR Edinburgh

All workshops are independent from each other and are suitable for complete beginners, with a mixture of taught dances, social dancing and live music.

Tickets (£5/£3) are available online or at the door.

Dates for your diary

Wed 7 November

Wed 21 November

Wed 12 December


Below are a few dances often seen in bal folk:



Circassian circle:


Bourrée 2 temps:


Rond de Saint Vincent (Breton):